Kwangsu Yi (이광수 李光洙) wrote many books. His penname is Choonwon (춘원春園) which means Spring Garden in Korean. Borrn in Korea (1892), travelled to China, Japan and Russia, and settled down in Seoul (1921). He is known to have died in captivity in North Korea in 1950.

Korean Provisional Government 1919

Works of Kwang-su -Yi (이 광수 작품선집, 春園 李光洙 作品 先集)

  • Mujong (무정, Heartless, 1917)
  • Declaration of Independence (2,8 독립선언서, 1919)
  • Danjong Aesa (단종애사, Tragedy of King Tanjong, 1929)
  • Hurk( 흙, Soil, 1932)
  • Sarang (사랑, Love, 1938)
  • Mumyong(무명, Lightless, 1939)
  • Wonhyo Daesa (원효대사, Great Priest Wonhyo, 1942)
  • Dolbege (돌베개, Stone Pillow, 1947)
  • Na/Nauigobaek (나/나의고백, I /my confession, 1947)
  • Heartless, Yi Kwang-su and Modern Korean Literature (translation of Mujong by Ann Sung-hi Lee, 2005)
  • The Soil (translation of Hurk by Hwang Sun-ae and Horace Jeffery Hodges, 2013)
  • Kashil and Best Essays by Yi Kwang-su (translalations by Chung Nan Lee Kim, 2014)
  • The Best Short Stories of Yi Kwanag-su (translations by Chang-Wuk Kang, 2016)
  • Life and Thought of Yi Kwang-su” Biography of Yi Kwang-su by Grant S. Lee, Ushinsa, Seoul, 1984.
  • “Korean National Identity under Japanese Colonial Rule, Yi Gwangsu and the March First Movement of 1919” by Michael D. Shin, Routledge, 2018.

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